We are fortunate to be able to draw upon a small group of local Holocaust Survivors in our community who are willing and able to share their personal experiences with students and teachers. We have both male and female Survivors from all parts of Europe including: Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Holland.  Each one has a special story to tell of how they survived the Holocaust.


Through the generous donations of our sponsors, including Richard and Roberta Handel and the Jewish Federation of Greater Buffalo, the HRCOB conducts conferences throughout the year.  Conferences are directed towards teachers, attorneys, doctors, and other community entities.  National speakers present the latest trends in Holocaust education and history.  Dr. Timothy Redmond coordinates and develops conferences with the assitance of the HRCOB's professional staff.




In 2014 The HRC’s New Generation Initiative, led by Andrew Beiter, was tasked with an extraordinarily important job: to record and preserve eye witness testimony for future generations in order to keep the flame of Holocaust Education burning brightly.

NGI Holocaust Survivor Videotaping Coordinator, Mr. Jim Gang, began recording testimony using full high definition camera equipment and has started digitizing and editing the interview into classroom-ready video clips. Testimonies will be made available for viewing in their entirety and be edited into segments based on topic. The testimonies will be posted to the HRCOB website, and will also become part of an online interactive textbook about the Holocaust for use in the classroom.