Ruth Lansing was born on November 13, 1918 to Friederike (Ricka) and Sigmund Oberlander in the town of Odenkirchen. Prior to Kristallnacht, Ruth's older sisters made attempts to flee the rising Anti-Semitism in Germany. Her sister Gerti escaped to Holland in 1933, while her other sister Lucy was successful in emigrating to the USA with her husband in 1938. At the time of Kristallnacht, Ruth was staying with a family in Dusseldorf, Germany (25 miles northeast of Odenkirchen). Ruth was in her teens when she witnessed Kristallnacht away from her parents.  A few months later Ruth was able to escape to England because of a cousin and in 1948 immigrated to the United States. Ruth’s sister Gerti was deported to Westerbork in January 1945 and then to Auschwitz where she was killed. Ruth’s parents were deported to Auschwitz in 1942 where they also died.