Prize: $250
The Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo (HRC) is seeking a new logo. It has completed a new strategic plan and has a new mission statement. We are asking current students in graphic design in the Buffalo area to create a new logo design. Below are the required elements, our mission and value statement. Ownership would be retained by HRC. Learn more about the organization by visiting or friend us on A committee will review submitted designs and vote on best design. The winner will receive $250.

Eligibility: Current Western New York College level Graphic Design Students.

Elements of Design
•    Clean, simple, compact design
•    Works across variety of media: FB, email, print, etc.
•    Easy to read and duplicate
•    Ability to scale to any size and maintain legibility
•    Ability to look good in color, grayscale/black and white
•    Respectful and appropriate
•    Not sad, depressing

•    Final art provided as electronic images jpg, pdf, eps and png
•    Reverse would be white logo on a dark background
•    If logo is chosen, designer is flexible to make minor changes

•    Option: Meet with committee including Holocaust Survivors
•    Research – HRC executive director is available for an interview
•    Deadline: December 1, 2017
•    Winner notification February 1, 2018.

Name and current logo:    Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo
Mission:     Teach the Lessons of the Holocaust.
Remember the Survivors and Victims. 
Promote social justice, civic responsibility and human rights.
•    Teach Lessons of Holocaust by connecting to today’s event
•    Genocide must always be taught in relationship to Holocaust
•    HRC aims to partner with education experts to teach other genocide atrocities, rather than build expertise itself
•    Building Partnerships (programs and education) are means to serve HRC mission

Mailing address: 336 Harris Hill Ave. Suite 302
                        Williamsville, NY 14221

Contact: Mara Koven-Gelman, executive director,