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In 2016 and 2017 the Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo joined 89 other Holocaust organizations in signing statements by the AHO pertaining to the surge in hate crimes and issued a call to action to Lawmakers and Citizens. The statements can be found below:


In Response to Vandalism at the New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston, MA.

Holocaust Organizations and Historians Urge Elected Officials and Community Leaders to Respond to Anti-Semitic Activities

The Association of Holocaust Organizations expresses solidarity with the greater Boston community following the recent anti-Semitic vandalism of the New England Holocaust Memorial.

Having survived the murderous brutality of Nazi concentration camps, the Holocaust survivors who conceived of the New England Holocaust Memorial did so in the hope that on American soil, victims and survivors would be remembered and honored.

Photos of the shattered glass in Boston are painful reminders that in this country, in our present moment, we must remain vigilant in denouncing anti-Semitism and white supremacy.

The time is now—elected officials and community leaders must clearly state and demonstrate their commitments to eradicating destructive racist influences in our communities. We cannot afford to ignore signs of hate, ignorance, and willingness to commit acts of violence.

As the New England Holocaust Memorial is restored, we insist that American Jewish communities remain safe and empowered to create public spaces where people of all backgrounds can gather, learn, and remember.

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